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42: Liturgies for a Life Abroad

Guest: Heather F

Listen in for the story of how the @liturgiesforalifeabroad account came to be and the value of integrating liturgies into our everyday rhythms.

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  • Every Moment Holy by Douglas McKelvey
  • “We don’t have to be in a church setting or in a formal worship setting to experience the presence of Christ. He wants to be part of those everyday moments.”
  • “Jesus is with you and that He is in those moments with you, the fellowship of His presence even in the mundane and the unique and the completely bizarre.”
  • “There is purpose in these [mundane] things, there is opportunity for fellowship with Christ, there is opportunity for spiritual formation and for growth in all of these experiences. [This] has really helped me to come to a deeper level of gratitude for my life overseas, realizing that all of these things the Lord wants to use to shape me and mold me into His image and to show His love to the people around me.”
  • “Take a moment and prepare your heart with a moment of silence, breathing, and centering yourself.”
  • “I may not be actively doing something, but my silence and solitude before the Lord is productive, and I am allowing Him to have that space and time.”
  • “Anybody who has experienced moving overseas, I would imagine, comes to this place where you realize a very deep and desperate need for the Lord.”
  • “We are all foreigners in this world; this world is not our home. That’s one theme that I constantly come back to in writing these liturgies.”
  • Hebrews 11:16
  • “As I look back over the different seasons of my life, I see how the Lord has prepared me in really unique ways for each of the things I have done.”
  • “There are some of us - and maybe more of us even than we realize - that the Lord doesn’t give this clear billboard sign of ‘this is what you were made to do’ because He wants us to be available and willing to say yes to those different opportunities that come along the way.”
  • A Liturgy for Times of Transition
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22 Oct 21
by kfine