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Filling a Great Need with Teacher Training

The Sparrow Project

“The training from TeachBeyond and The Sparrow Project has truly improved and made our school better,” says Tresor, a teacher in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). “There has been a lot of change!”  

The Sparrow Project works with under-serviced, under-funded and under-resourced schools in Africa. Part of the project involves delivering a teacher training curriculum with a biblical perspective to school leaders. Currently this is being done in English in Ethiopia, South Africa and Zambia, and in French in the DRC. 

Tabita, a teacher who recently took part in the program, shares with great excitement, “My way of teaching has changed. My behavior has changed. We pray in class now.”  

Another teacher, François, noted there has been a great change in behavior at his school. Before learning about God and how God values each child as special, students were often fighting with each other and getting injured. This was to the point of spending time away from school to get wounds treated. Now there’s much less fighting, students are better behaved, and they are making good academic progress with their classes. 

Even Head teachers like Aschelew of Shamida (school) commented, “In the future I will do more training with my staff that includes godly aspects and godly values. I need to update myself and this Sparrow Project training has inspired me to do that. All teachers should update themselves. I feel so inspired and energetic!” 

Tamera Peters, African Regional Director, recently shared, “We have been somewhat overwhelmed, in a good way, at how this training meets a need in the world of education in the developing world.” She continued, “Groups of schools or Christian school leaders are asking for TeachBeyond to walk with them in the process of learning about how a Christian school can truly be transformed for the Glory of God.” 

Right now, The Sparrow Project leaders are working with 50 teachers in the DRC and 22 in Ethiopia. Looking ahead to September, they already have approximately 40 teachers in Zambia who will take part in the Teacher Training program.  

Pray for The Sparrow Project 

  • For Leaders who have a heart for teachers working in these under-resourced schools, to lead cohorts of teachers through the training modules and build relationships with them.

  • For transformed hearts in the teachers that are participating in The Sparrow Project.

  • For the funds to come in so that more teachers and school leaders can participate in the teacher training to transform their schools into all God intends. Specific needs include printing costs, venue rentals, food, refreshments and travel costs.  

  • Click here to donate so more teachers can strengthen their relationship with God and subsequently be better equipped to meet the academic, emotional and spiritual needs of their students. 

05 Jul 22
by Guest
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