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Transformation of Hearts and Minds

While spending so much time in the lives of students and families, TeachBeyond members have been witness to the wonders of God’s transformation. Sometimes these changes of heart and mind take shape over the years, and sometimes we are merely planting seeds for change much later. But sometimes that change comes very quickly, and one TeachBeyond member serving in Central America was kind enough to share one such story.

Haley Ens is a TeachBeyond member serving at El Camino Bilingual School in Honduras. While reflecting on her past year of teaching, she mentions all types of transformation, but one student’s story stood out above the others. There was a student who she simply couldn’t figure out. She didn’t know if he was behind academically or uncomfortable in English, but it was difficult to communicate with him. It became so severe that he was at risk of having to leave the school. Haley was praying for this boy: both for his education and also for his heart. He barely passed his classes for the first quarter.

But then, something amazing happened: due to staffing changes, Haley now had 30 minutes per day to help tutor her struggling students. During this time, the boy’s grades began to improve, and he started showing a new excitement for learning. He would come in each morning excited to tell Haley about the work he was doing at home. By the end of the third quarter, his grades were better than they had ever been. In a parent teacher conference, they talked about how it wasn’t just the boy’s grades that had improved, but his behavior: he was more focused, and was even showing more respect to his teachers and a heart of service for his classmates. It was a clear example of God working on the boy’s heart, and it was amazing to see how much change could happen in a single year.

Haley’s story serves as a reminder of what happens when we put our trust in God, and why we shouldn’t lose heart in even the most difficult of circumstances.

11 May 22
by David LeGault