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Beyond Borders

Beyond Borders works with refugees and those experiencing displacement around the globe to extend love and healing through learning.  Education is a cross cutting solution to the refugee crisis, and God is using it to heal and transform. Will you join us as we join God in the margins and on the move?   

Here are four ways to stand in the educational GAPS with children and adults experiencing displacement on the island of Lesvos and in Ethiopia, Niger, and Uganda.

GIVE.  Give a gift or become a monthly Beyond Borders giving partner and we will match your June monthly donation. The cost of delivering education varies between projects but on average it costs between $10 -$70/ month to support one student in our program. Your giving helps us to provide education to children and adults who do not have access to education as a result of being a refugee or being displaced.

AWARENESS.  Follow and share our pages Facebook and @beyondborders_teachbeyond on Instagram. Start your own campaign, send us a note or email if you would like to host a Life Jacket screening event. We'd love to help you advocate!

PRAY. Our response begins with prayer. Sign up for prayer blasts and join in prayer gatherings. Start a prayer campaign for refugees.  Our goal this year is to recruit 1,000 people to join us in prayer.

SERVE. We have opportunities for educators and support staff to serve on site and virtually. Send us a note or email to learn more. 

You can learn more about us at . Use the note option to send us a message or reach out via email to

What We Do

We provide transformational education opportunities for refugees and those experiencing displacement, with an overarching commitment to "learn to heal" and "heal to learn" to become all God intends for us to be.  We do this through providing school sponsorships; through developing curriculum and training; and by supporting our partners to provide informal education to children and adults.

Why We Serve

Global displacement is on the rise. An estimated 79.5 million people have been forced to flee from their homes this year. Nearly 26 million are refugees.  Half are under 18. Globally, 1% of our population is displaced. Over 4 million refugee children do not have access to an education, which brings stability, safety, and hope for the future. Education is a cross-cutting solution to the refugee crisis. (

Throughout scripture God calls us to care for those most vulnerable, including His children experiencing displacement. In fact, God chose to displace Himself, coming to earth and living as a refugee in a foreign and then occupied land.  God cares for those on the move, and He accomplishes His purposes and brings healing despite the borders humans erect. God commands us to love our global neighbor and to care for those most vulnerable. God can use education to extend love, transcend borders, bring hope and healing, and transform individuals and communities.

Where We Partner

We deeply value relationships and local knowledge and work in partnership with local organizations in Greece, Ethiopia, Niger, Romania, and Uganda. .