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Bring a Team to English Camp

English language skills are highly sought after in many parts of the world. Working together with a national host, TeachBeyond provides English language learning opportunities taught by native and/or fluent English speakers. Typically, TeachBeyond has provided these services in summer camp settings. National hosts provide follow-up and discipleship.

Some of the most exciting developments are in countries closed to the gospel. That said, all language services are provided to campers with the understanding that the learning of English is part of a broader educational agenda which includes a spiritual and moral-ethical dimension.

We strongly encourage forming a full team of six to 16 adults from a church or organization in North America or the UK to work alongside our local partners. In doing so, your church or organization will form a long-term partnership with the local partners and campers that will build trust. Age is not a limitation or hindrance: we want people aged 19-70+. Our campers are hungry for genuine, Christ-like love, respect, and the close-knit community that develops during English Camps.

TeachBeyond will provide pre-departure training for your team and will coordinate details with the national leader overseas. TeachBeyond also will provide a supervisor who will walk your team through the application process, training, vetting, and mobilizing your team members–and provide guidance throughout your time overseas. Your TeachBeyond supervisor will be there for you each step of the way!

Want to know more?

English Camps and short-term mission experiences allow you to:

  • speak your own language (English)
  • build very strong interpersonal relationships
  • use your own unique gifts
  • allow the love of Christ to be shared in word and deed over a period of seven to ten days

Stories from our English Camps

From Eurasia...
A young man came to camp confused and disenchanted. As a young teen, he was already experiencing stresses in his home with a father who was difficult and then with his parents’ subsequent divorce. One staff member, “Joe,” who came with his own wounds from an unkind father, told of healing and forgiveness offered through Jesus. As he heard Joe’s story, this young camper was compelled to call his own father and express forgiveness: a life transformed!
From Kandern, Germany...
“Being able to go on a short-term mission to Kandern, Germany, and work at an English camp where 52 teenagers came to learn not only English but to learn about Jesus was a life-changing experience for me. Once serving on a mission trip, you simply cannot return home unchanged. I feel a sense of direction I lacked prior to this trip. Thank you for making this experience possible.”
From Brazil
Last spring a team from a church in Rhode Island served with several TeachBeyond associates and members at an English camp in Gramado, Brazil. They had a fantastic camp, but what we didn’t anticipate was the impact on that sending church in Narragansett. Not only has camp affected the individuals who have served by increasing their faith and increasing their vision for global missions, but it also had an impact on the church body. Brazilian staff and campers regularly communicate with the First Baptist team members about struggles and share prayer requests and things they are learning from God’s Word.
From Eurasia...
Over two years we have developed a wonderful partnership between a North American church and a local Eurasian church. Together they have run two summer English Camps. This year, one of the campers said, “I was pleasantly surprised that English camp surpassed all my expectations. The leadership team is awesome!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why teams?
In our experience, it is beneficial to the sending church or organization to send a team rather than an individual because team members can build camaraderie and mutual trust. This will benefit them in their cross-cultural experience. Teams meet four to six times prior to the camp experience for pre-field training in conducting the English camp, team building, spiritual formation, and cross-cultural service. Also, a team can build a strong relationship with the sister church or organization that hosts the camp to provide a more sustainable and impactful camp experience.
Adults ages 19 to 75 have served at English camps over the years. One of the benefits of English camp to the sending church or organization is that we need people with a variety of gifts. In addition to teachers, we also need those who can serve as the team leader, worship leader, small-group leaders, activities leaders, and sometimes Bible speakers and cooks.
We need to have an initial commitment from a church 10 to 12 months prior to then English camp date. Seven months prior to camp, a team leader from your church or organization is identified and team applications need to be submitted six months prior to the camp date. Team training sessions and exact camp dates and location are identified at this time.
There are many locations where NEW teams are needed for our camps in Latin America, Eurasia, Europe, and Asia.
If your church or organization want to send a team or you have questions, email us: