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What is Sponsorship?

Classroom sponsorship is a partnership between your team and a class of students. It is not just about money, but it is about relationship. You will be able to watch these students grow as they progress through the grade levels. It is a chance for us to help our students learn that the body of Christ is working around the world and that we stand together in Him. You can see the picture of students from last year. Please pray that God will continue to bless us with more students in this grade!

What is Expected of a Sponsor?

Three key things are expected of the sponsorship team: Pray for the students and the teachers in that class. Build relationships through emails, video chat, and newsletters. Support the students financially.

How is the Sponsorship Money Used?

The monthly sponsorship donations are used to provide three key things to that class of students:
  • Provide scholarships for students. We want our families to have access to quality education regardless of their socioeconomic status. Your donation allows us to give need-based scholarships to qualifying families.
  • Offer fair wages to the Dominican staff working with those students. Each classroom has an assistant teacher who is hired nationally. Your support ensures that we can pay and retain quality staff.
  • Purchase the needed textbooks each year for those students. We are working with a duel curriculum, both Dominican and American, so many materials need to be ordered from the US each year.

Additional Information

Why is sponsorship needed in the Dominican Republic?
Primary education in the Dominican Republic is ranked as one of the worst in the world. Students in public schools are often still unable to read in the fourth grade. ACA is working to provide an education that is hands-on and exploration based so that students learn to problem solve at an early age, while also focusing on the basics of reading and writing. Our goal is to provide a bilingual education that equips our students for the workforce or university. In addition, the average monthly income for families in the Dominican Republic is $777 a month. This is a tight budget with which to raise a family and many of our families at ACA bring in less than half that much each month. Your sponsorship is providing an education that can literally change families for generations to come.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes! All donations are received through TeachBeyond, which is a registered non-profit in the US and Canada.

Is each team member responsible for the same financial contribution?
No! That is the beauty of teamwork. We see many biblical examples where Christ calls us to give as we are able with happy hearts. We know that each team member will not be in the same financial situation. Therefore, your team leader will work to build a team that together can support the class at $250 a month, but each team member will give what they pledge individually.

How do I give?
You can easily give online by visiting our giving page and setting up one time or monthly gifts. You can also give by check through the mail. Send in the check with the TeachBeyond giving form, which can be provided by your team leader.