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61: TCKs and the Grief Tower (with Lauren Wells)

Lauren Wells of TCK Training shares about how to help Third Culture Kids process grief, loss, and transition.

  • TCK Training
  • “What are the parts of you that do not change and should not change no matter who you’re with and where in the world you are?”
  • The Grief Tower is used to describe why the TCK life can be so difficult. It isn’t just one thing that happens; it’s a lot of little things.”
  • “The idea of The Grief Tower is that all of those things are stacking up higher and higher throughout the developmental years if they’re not processed.”
  • “What made that feel so hard? What did I start to believe because of that?”
  • “If we’re not compassionate for ourselves, it’s harder for us to be compassionate for our kids.”
  • “One of the myths that TCKs believe [is] that they can’t have deep relationships with kids who aren’t also TCKs.”
  • “Be curious, ask questions, and keep showing them that you want to get to know them.”
  • “I really want to know you, not just your cool experiences.”
  • “Resilience is something that has to happen through intentional care.”

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What’s changing our lives:

  • Keane: Moving into a new house!
  • Heather: Two long weekends with friends
  • Lauren: Living near family

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04 Mar 22
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