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Learn About TeachBeyond

We believe that education is an effective catalyst for bringing hope to individuals and positive transformation to communities.

We follow our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging with the needs of this world – physical, relational, and spiritual. Our teachers use their skills and contexts to bring Christ’s light and healing to all – children, adults, leaders, and mission workers alike.

We go. TeachBeyond recruits and sends Christian educators, administrators, and workers to serve in many different schools and organizations across the globe.
We equip. TeachBeyond equips educators, schools, and organizations to serve our Lord in pursuit of our common vision for transformational education.

TeachBeyond has dozens of consultants and coaches who work with like-minded schools and organizations to provide continuing education to teachers, administrators, boards, and school owners.

We partner. TeachBeyond rarely works alone. We partner with groups, organizations, and institutions in pursuit of our mission.

In partnership with local organizations, TeachBeyond co-owns and supports a number of K-12 schools, English language learning programs, and projects.

TeachBeyond's Network

We serve K-12 schools, language centers, universities and seminaries, in teacher training, English camps, and in many other places where teaching and learning occurs, formally or informally.

TeachBeyond's Family

Our President

David DuranceDavid Durance has been closely associated with TeachBeyond, formerly called Janz Team Ministries, since he was a child. Born in Calgary, Canada, he grew up in Germany where his parents worked as missionaries for 12 years at the Janz Team school, Black Forest Academy.

After studying General Biblical Studies at Ambrose University, he completed a degree in business at the University of Regina, and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Massachusetts. He worked in telecommunications for more than 10 years, during which he was promoted to a senior leadership role.

Mr. Durance joined TeachBeyond in 2011 when he and his wife, Nancy, moved to Asia, where he worked in a number of capacities including National Director and Regional Director. In 2015, Mr. Durance accepted the appointment as Executive Director for the work in Asia and parts of Africa. On April 1, 2019 he began serving as TeachBeyond’s second President.

Mr. Durance has been married to Nancy for 17 years, and they have four boys. He enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, playing soccer with his kids, and running with his wife.

“My desire is that TeachBeyond continues to be a catalyst for redemptive change by the power of the Holy Spirit, for learners, educators, organizations, and communities around the world.” 

Our History

Janz FamilyTeachBeyond was born on the western Canadian prairies in 1954, when Leo Janz committed himself to bringing the biblical message of hope to post-war Germany. Several members of his family joined him to create The Janz Brothers Gospel Association, which began broadcasting over Radio Luxembourg in 1955. News of the Association’s radio, church, music, and educational work spread to German-speaking communities in Europe. As opportunities grew, the original Janz Association established various national Janz organizations to serve needs in Europe and South America.

Today the founding association is known as TeachBeyond. Its primary emphasis is on educational initiatives, such as schools, English language camps, and professional seminars. The name TeachBeyond reflects the organization’s commitment to teaching beyond one-dimensional, utilitarian forms of education to a comprehensive, holistic form of education. Watch a short video>>