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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
As followers of Jesus, we are a global community providing transformational education services as part of God’s ongoing mission to transform individuals and communities into all He intends.
Our Prayer
We wholeheartedly desire to serve our Father’s world, to love Jesus Christ, and to see individuals and communities transformed by His Spirit through education, grounded on God’s Word.
Our Vision
A world where individuals and communities become all God intends

Vision for Transformation

When we successfully pursue our mission in the power of the Spirit, we see emerging a great movement of people who have experienced personal transformation and whose world of influence experiences redemptive change. We aim to help people become all God intends as they come to understand what it means to be formed Imago Dei and to live before Him as called, commissioned, and creative people. As followers of Jesus, we see ourselves as models of all we teach and we see those whom we serve relating all of life and learning to God and His Word. We see ourselves as a magnet attracting others who wish to join a community that cares deeply about people and societies and who have a restless desire to serve rather than to be served.

We see communities changed through Christ-centered individuals whose faith permeates all aspects of who they are and what they do. We see all levels of society benefitting – the poor and rich alike. We see those who have been changed becoming ambassadors of transformational education and proponents of a contagious idea that contributes redemptively to the spiritual, moral, social, ecological, and economic wellbeing of nations. We see deeply entrenched patterns of social injustice and prejudice broken by the redeeming work of Christ learned in educational settings; in their place will be new patterns of justice, mercy, and compassion.

We see ourselves being given the privilege of participating in and fostering a movement that is neither constrained nor restrained by TeachBeyond. Rather, TeachBeyond taps a deep and ancient river of wisdom, inspired by God Himself and revealed in His authoritative Word, which overflows its banks and spawns life-giving streams. While these streams carry in them the discernible TeachBeyond quality of transformation and redemption, their influence and blessing extend far beyond the reach or even the knowledge of TeachBeyond. We see ourselves as a catalyst for missional Christian education and as a steward nurturing renewal, not as an end or as proprietary guardian. We see ourselves being a unified multinational, multicultural movement reflecting the diversity of the global Church.

Our Values

We live out our mission and vision as image-bearers of God, called to a life of prayer, faith, and holiness. Through the power of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit, we strive as individuals and as a community to embrace the following values:

Humility: Recognizing the Lordship of Christ, we consider the needs of others above our own. We approach all situations with the attitude of learners and seek to discern what God is already doing and where He is inviting us to join Him. We contextualize our practices to the cultures in which we serve in order to both represent and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ effectively.

Excellence: Acknowledging that God deserves glory in all that we do, we undertake everything wholeheartedly and to the best of our ability. We approach our calling to excellence with creativity, committing ourselves as stewards of God’s resources.

Love: Embracing our identity as a people who are loved by our Creator, we seek to love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. Similarly, we commit to loving each other and the world around us, learning to do good, seek justice, and correct oppression.

Partnership: Understanding our role as co-laborers with God, we intentionally seek to partner with others to promote the work of transformation around the world. We commit to working together in unity and community as a family of faith.

Our Statement of Faith

We ascribe to the statement of faith of the World Evangelical Alliance that grounds our understanding of God and His world.
The TeachBeyond Way
We hold to a collection of characteristics and qualities called the “TeachBeyond Way” that influence our approach to the way we carry out our mission.

1.     Our calling to “transformational education”

We are called to be Gospel-centered educators delivering transformational education services. Transformational education is the simple yet profound belief that children and adults can undergo redemptive, holistic transformation through the power of God’s Word and by His Holy Spirit active in people through education, making them increasingly like Christ in their world. We pursue heart-mind transformation which aligns with God the Creator’s design while trusting the Spirit for complete transformation into the image of Christ. We understand that the Spirit frequently uses excellent educational environments to transform individuals, which cascades to communities and beyond.

2.     Our commitment to be effective models of transformation
We are a global community that knows and practices God’s Word as we pursue a deeper understanding and living out of our mission. This means we seek to grow personally, vocationally, and spiritually as a learning community in order to be transformed and transformational.

3.     Our commitment to the idea of “teaching beyond”
We are committed to teaching beyond one-dimensional, utilitarian forms of education to a comprehensive, holistic approach that fosters personal growth and enduring social benefit. The word “beyond” calls us to:

  • Teaching with an attitude of teachability
  • Teaching creatively in formal and informal settings
  • Teaching for all nations
  • Teaching contextually in local communities while always thinking beyond the geographic and cultural boundaries
  • Teaching “for all,” not neglecting the poor and vulnerable

4.     Our multi-ethnic composition and unifying organizational structure
We seek to be as ethnically rich and diverse as the Church itself. Our organizational structure fosters a cooperative spirit and ensures that we work together in effective ways that are globally connected and locally empowered. We view our national entities as expressions of TeachBeyond flowing from and contributing to a global community committed to the ideals of TeachBeyond.

Our vision to foster a global movement
We are part of a global community of like-minded people. We envision this community becoming a vibrant gospel movement led by the Spirit to impact our world in redemptive ways. We  support this movement through the services we provide.